about us

All it takes to start is the dream of something better.

Weather you are a seasoned restaurateur or a chef with a dream of one day opening the restaurant of your dreams we are here to help you keep the dream moving forward.


1. We offer a course that will take you from being the dreamer to having your grand opening.

2. We provide restaurant consulting for every phase of your restaurant business.

3 We are a digital marketing agency and can increase your and ultimately drive higher profitability.

Learn, Refine, Thrive

Whether you need help with the whole development process or all you need is a little help lowering your overhead or a small push to increase your productivity we have the information for you.

get started and stop waiting for the perfect moment

The kryptonite to your success is most often yourself. As humans we get stuck in analysis paralysis. Always trying to learn more or waiting for the right time. Instead just get out there and start taking steps towards your dreams.   

“The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.” – Mario Batali


The Restaurant Project

Develop your menu to include cross utilization and good cost analysis

The starting point to all creating your restaurant is the menu. This is where you identify a plethora of key issues that will have huge impact all phases of your project.

Choosing your restaurant site to remodel or build from the ground up.

This can be a daunting process with many issues but it is also exhilarating once you break ground on your first project.

Hiring staff is a big challenge in this market. Unemployment is low, combine that with gen z having having different needs from their work place and you have a huge challenge in front of  you.